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2:30 AM
September 15th, 2012
The Girl Who Didn't Make Sense: skellii: I have a question about Pete that has bugged me for a while...





I have a question about Pete that has bugged me for a while now

Does he really have a sister?

He talks about her saying that she taught him to read lips, and that she got him started on comics after their dad died.

But in the flash back of his dads funeral there was no sister,…

To the best of my knowledge Tracy’s age was never revealed until recently. Myka is the older sister, not Tracy.

I don’t think they revealed either of their ages, exactly, but Myka definitely said she was an only child in the pilot episode. Then in another (I think it was the model episode, when she was talking about her sister always being the pretty one) I swear she says “my older sister”. And then this season Tracy is her younger sister.

I haven’t watched those episodes in a while, so I might be remembering wrong.

She technically didn’t say she was an only child but what she said implied it.

In ‘Age Before Beauty’ she never said Tracy was older, just that she was the pretty one. Pete mentioned that Tracy was younger and that Myka is older. :)

Pete’s sister was at the funeral. His mother looked at her and spoke tenderly of her. Perhaps you watched an edited version?

Yeah, in my head, Myka continues to be an only child. “Nevermore” makes no sense otherwise, and Tracy is bullshit.

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